Photo by Kenny Fleming

Photo by Kenny Fleming

It's been a few years now my friends suggested I write a blog about my photos. I've always said no; I think my writing isn't spectacular, or worthy of a Pulitzer-prize. I'm still at a stage of learning more about photography, and I feel I am NOT worthy of teaching how to do something. I thought long and hard about the many blogs out there and I've always felt incompetent, to say the least. I said to myself,

"what CAN I offer readers that no one already has?"

I read through many photography, and/or lifestyle blogs and whatnot. I wanted to find my niche. But then, I realized, I don't need one. I want to tell my story, both in visual and written forms. And If you happen to read along, that's more than enough for me! 

This year, I will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English, and a minor concentration in Creative Writing: Poetry. I am ecstatic to finish college, since i've been in it for so long as I can remember. I look back at the many things I've done and mistakes I've come across to reach where I am today. Man, those were some good times! 


I more than likely will digress in most of my posts, so you can blame Lord Byron for that.