Photo by Ken Fleming

Photo by Ken Fleming

Martin Tadashi is an artist who uses unique vantage points in portraiture and life & leisure photography. He was born in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines on October 1988, and has lived in the US since 2005. A graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in English and a minor concentration in Creative Writing: Poetry, his passion is not limited to the art of words, but also rests in storytelling with his camera. He began taking photographs in his hometown at age fifteen. After all, it is worth a thousand words. 

Martin was a prime player in both the creative and literary development of Scarlet Magazine, Rutgers-Newark’s first magazine publication, where he took the lead as Creative Director and oversaw principal photography, cover concepts and overall design.

After later being elected Editor-in-Chief, Martin was able to harness both of his passions, creating a beautiful amalgamation of storytelling in both written and visual art forms. 

His past clients include: Grey Goose, Stella Artois, Converse, Burkman Bros., Ocean and Sea, Hangar 1 Vodka, Bonobos, Visit Philadelphia, and Honeygrow.

Martin is based in the NY Metro area. For inquiries, please contact him at

Published Works:

Scarlet Magazine (Print and Digital; Rutgers University, Newark) 2011-2013

Crea Magazine (Print, Volume 3) 2015


Permanent Installation:

Honeygrow - Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ.